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It all really started with the moon ...

Get to know the interesting story of flaxad: how a quick idea and a collection of vintage magazines started the business.

"Print ads have everything in them to describe perfectly a year or an era they were born in."

In 2018 I cut out and framed my first print advert. It was an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ad from 1975. (see cover photo)

The moment I hung it in my office, friends, colleagues and business partners started asking about it and shared what vintage adverts they would put on their wall.

Having been in the print media business for almost over 20 years (working for Playboy, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Auto Motor und Sport and many more and several European countries...) I had a pretty decent private vintage magazine collection with hundreds of beautiful ads so I decided to build it up as a hobby business. This is how flaxad. was born.


Since then the demand is ever growing just as the flaxad. inventory – by now we have 500+ original ads in the collection covering 50+ brands and at least 70 years.


We are proud to have orders from Singapour, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia and of course, many from Hungary.


Barna Gajdos

Founder and creator of flaxad.


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flax the most common plant used for making paper

ad the short form of the word advertisement.

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